014 - Profitable Analytics Apps

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Key take-away points

  • We can build a complex web app that has sophisticated UI/UX and even advance logic. You can check out HackerHouse and Campsider in my list. They are built with Bubble.
  • More and more big companies adapt a part of their technology by using no-code like using Webflow for their landing page or blog.

Here are some criteria I choose an app

  • Traffic and page rank
  • UI/UX
  • Potential growth in the future
  • The app is listed in its platform Showcase section
  • Featured in news
  • Featured in Product Hunt

How do I know an app is profitable?

  • It is an Open Startup.
  • Is it still in the beta version?
  • Estimate revenue base on traffic estimation like Similarweb
  • Founders share about revenue on forums/social network


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  • Search, Sort and Filter ⚡️
  • Full database of 70+ profitable no-code apps
  • Automatic weekly updates
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