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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

1. How do you know an app is profitable?

  • It is an Open Startup.
  • Is it still in the beta version?
  • Estimate revenue base on traffic estimation like Similarweb
  • Founders share about revenue on forums/social network
  • Is the company hiring more people?

2. What are the benefits when I bought the database & report?

  • Lifetime access
  • Search, Sort, and Filter ⚡️
  • Full database of 63+ profitable writing apps
  • Automatic weekly updates

3. How do I access the database?

Please wait for a few minutes after the purchase. I will add you to an Airtable table to access the database.

You can duplicate the database and have full access to add your own additional columns.

4. Do you have a monthly subscription?

Yes. Join the Profitable Insider Gold to access this report, the next 48 reports, and the private community.

5. When will the official website launch?

The official website will be available soon on the 10th report

6. What are the features of the official website?

- Access the database directly without Airtable 

- The social platform for founders to discuss and share their business idea

- Search, Sort, and Filter thousands of apps.

- UX tour (coming soon)

7. What is the support's email?

[email protected]